Babygirl’s Losers Weepers EP

In my gay opinion, Bill Gates needs to develop a dating app for album covers, isn’t he the one who creates everything for the internet? Babygirl’s Losers Weepers EP would totally get my right swipe. What’s not to love? The duo is called Babygirl, there’s a crying cheerleader all alone on the bleachers, and the title says it all. I found my soul mate.

All the signs were there but being the cynical bitch I am, I wanted to give it a listen before buying. It took only half a minute to wrap me up in the cozy audio blanket and true-to-life lyrics of “Easy” (Sorry was I staring / And now I’m over sharing / I can’t remember how to flirt / Do I want to be you / Or do I want to see you / Oiled up without a shirt) to get me to buy a copy for my two hours long road trip to get my second vaccine shot.

The EP delivers all the emotional suffering of the pretty people that the cover promises. The lyrics are moody, fun and relatable. Who hasn’t been macked on in some litter-filled shit-box that the dude may or may not be living out of (you tried to kiss me / while parked in the street / when you leaned across the console that you never cleaned / and between you knocked your coffee / all over my jeans)? Or had a horrible breakup that leaves you wanting to publicly advertise your pain (I want my face on a permanent billboard across from your house / so you remember the shade of my eyes and the shape of my mouth)?

Whatever your relationship status, or lack thereof, Babygirl’s music will leave you nodding your head along in solidarity and hope. My hope is that these two keep the music coming because I’m not ready for my goodnight kiss just yet.

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