Nikki Pope’s Karma Deja Vu EP

I discovered Nikki Pope a few months back on a visit to New York City when I saw her perform at Ellen’s Star Dust Diner and bought her Electric Energy EP. Since then I’ve been following her career and was excited to see her release a new EP called Karma Deja Vu. I am officially convinced that Nikki is possessed by the spirit of Amy Winehouse but with more talent and natural pop sensibilities.

“Champagne Taste” is a hard-hitting pop tune about striving for the best while struggling on a budget. She also includes a stripped down acoustic version of this song on the end of the EP that has a whole different sound but with the same strong gravely voice. “Karma Deja Vu” is my favorite track of hers yet. So much fun and there’s no sitting still during this song. This track alone is worth the cost of the EP. “Mantra” is a sultry rockin’ ballad that’s better than anything on the radio right now.

Radio is saturated with the same names that have been around for years. Where are the indie artists? The break through singers? The acts that don’t need to win a reality show in order to get a producer to make them shine? In my gay opinion, if anyone deserves to break into the Top 40 and mix things up with a unique voice and sound, it’s Nikki Pope.


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