Jenn Champion

In honor of Pride month, I decided to put my money where my mouth is…isn’t that kind of gross, haven’t I learned anything from COVID…by backing the new-to-me diva, Jenn Champion’s Kickstarter campaign to get her next album (The Last Night Of Sadness) made. Jenn is the self-proclaimed “gayer of the gays” so you don’t get much…well…gayer than that. I know you think all us gays know each other, but I haven’t seen Jenn at the meetings before. She must have been with the drag queens in the gender-neutral bathroom, working on the Gay Agenda, using music and glitter to convert the masses.

Anyone who knows me, and if you don’t let me tell you, it takes more than just a pretty queer face to get me to part with a buck. So I put on my best Cagney & Lacey pant suit to investigate Jenn’s online presence, first stop YouTube for music videos and here’s all the evidence I needed to want to support her campaign.

Who hasn’t smuggled a box cutter in their pussy, that’s what we all did back in the day, before fanny packs.

If The Straights weren’t able to figure out just how gay Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” video was, Jenn takes it to a whole new level.

Next stop in my diva deep dive was Jenn’s discography. She does have a Bandcamp account for some of her music. My personal favorite album on Bandcamp is Recents which is described as “5 songs. 5 days. 2 wives. 1 pandemic.” It’s got a fun alt-pop sound and lyrically it’ll leave a smile on your face.

I also highly recommend checking out her Love Nobody EP on Spotify. It might only be three songs (actually only two songs because the last song is an Alternative version of the first) but it’s very up-beat with a Tegan & Sara (at their best) vibe.

In my gay opinion I saved the best for last, her 2018 album Single Rider, where the two music videos are from. The rest of the album has that same chill dance groove with a few ballads thrown in. Jenn’s style seems to be not having a style. She experiments with new sounds and seems to pave her own way. I’m looking forward to hearing what’s next and what the Last Night Of Sadness brings.

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