Paula Cole’s Lo

My calendar informed me its Women’s History Month and what better way to celebrate than with a new album from one of the historically best singer/songwriters of our time, Paula Cole. On her new album Lo, she takes her role of historical icon literally by revisiting her musical past on “The Replacements & Dinosaur Jr” and going back in time to 1932 to put lyrics and song to “Letters From A Quarry Miner”.

In my gay opinion, Paula’s voice is just as strong and touching as it was when she first hit the music scene with her album Harbinger thirty years ago. Lo is spectacular storytelling over beautiful balladry beats. Paula’s vocals are both strong and heart-wrenching as only she can do. They say you shouldn’t talk religion (“Follow The Moon”) or politics (“Golden Apples Of The Sun/Fahrenheit 451”) in mixed company but Paula sings about them both with grace and hope. When Paula gets personal and opens her heart about love, “Invisible Armor” and “Wildflower”, that’s when she truly shines.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Paula in concert countless times. She gives every performance 100%, even at shows where she came on late after waiting out thunderstorms for an outdoor concert and being down a bandmate due to a last-minute illness, she never disappoints. She’s touring to support Lo (my tickets are already bought) and her schedule can be found here on her website. If she’s in your area, get a ticket, you’ll be glad you did.

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