Lenka’s The Bright Side

I downloaded Lenka’s new album The Bright Side the day it went on sale and since then it’s been playing non-stop in my car. In my gay opinion, this is the perfect album for summer, to just roll down the windows and sing along to…especially lucky for those people stuck next to me at red lights. For those not familiar with Lenka’s music, I would describe The Bright Side as:

A self help book – Traveling a road of self discovery is a common theme in a few of her songs such as “The Long Way Home” and “Free”. “Unique” is a song filled with a list of quirks she’s excepted that make her an individual. In the song “We Are Powerful” she lists off affirmations that are the strengths of a couple in a relationship.

A Vargas pin up drawing – Vargas drawings are simplistic and beautiful in their style while celebrating the female form. “Get Together” is all about having fun and how important connecting with others is. “The Bright Side” is a celebration of happiness where life is “Heaven on a popsicle stick”. “It Gets Better” is all about simplicity and the joy it can bring.

A rom-com movie – I love me a good rom-com movie where boy meets boy (or whatever configuration does it for you) like in “My Love” and “Hearts Brighter”, boy loses boy like in the song “Go Deeper”, and in the end boy wins boy back because love conquers all as in “Blue Skies”.

Lenka affectionately refers to her fans (which I am one) as Sugar Bombs. It’s fitting because who doesn’t love candy and her music is just as addictive. This album is like an earful of cotton candy (in Australia, Lenka’s homeland, it’s called fairy floss…which just so happens to be my thong’s nickname). The Bright Side is an airy dose of sweet goodness that leaves me with a sugar high and a smile on my face.

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