Dido’s Still On My Mind

Twenty years after her first album was released, Dido has returned with her fifth album, Still On My Mind. In my gay opinion, from the first note, Still On My Mind is without a doubt a Dido album. Sometimes when a diva releases a new album there’s talk of “evolving” or “branching out” but not Dido, she always delivers what her fans want, the Dido sound.

Her voice is just as strong and distinct as ever. Songs like “Some Kind Of Love,” “Still On My Mind” or “Chances” could have been on her debut album and would’ve sounded exactly as they do today. My favorite tracks, “Take You Home” and “Friends,” have Dido amping up the groove. The majority of the songs are very mellow but she always works in some unique stylings like the Gospel According To Dido sound of “Give You Up” to the high school marching band dance vibe of “Hell After This” with backing cheerleader clap.

After fifteen years, she’s hitting the road again in support of the new album. The few venues she’s playing near me are standing room only, which is weird considering her style. I imagine the audience is just going to be a wave of old white people swaying to her music while complaining about standing too long. Excitedly, I’m altering vacation plans to be right there with them (in my most comfortable sneakers) watching the diva I’ve been waiting decades to see perform.

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