Foxes’ All I Need (Deluxe Edition)

When I first started blogging in 2014, Foxes first album Glorious had just come out and it was one of the first albums I reviewed. Since I’ve already gone on record as to why I’m a Foxes fan, I thought I would do something different with her new album. All I Need is a unique album because each song tells a different story. It sounds more like a soundtrack to a predictable tween movie (that I would totally go see) more than a stand alone album. What I did was rearrange the album’s playlist to fit the movie plot as I envision it:

“Amazing” – The lights in the theater go down, I nestle into my seat, unseal a bag of Twizzlers that I snuck in (yes that was a bag of Twizzlers in my pocket but I’m still happy to see you), and this party song about one life altering night plays as the credits roll.

“Cruel” – The movie starts with a dark song that flip-flops between a ballad and an upbeat track. A down-on-her-luck girl with a secret (either she’s a vampire, has a terminal illness or whatever is hot right now) is forced to move away from home for a better life with her grandmother in a different city.

“Body Talk” – She shows up for school where the bitchy cheerleaders are on the football field doing their new cheer routine to a fun pop song and she knows she’s no longer in Kansas.

“Better Love” – On her first day she meets a boy who’s cute, rich, captain of the football team, the head cheerleader’s ex, and out of her league with a song sounding like Natasha Bedingfield going Bollywood playing in the background.

“Shoot Me Down” – The girl gets a fake ID so she can hit the dance club to party with the cheerleaders who pretend to be her friend and get her drunk to find out her secret.

“All I Need” – The boy finally asks her out over this Euro beat and a dating montage ensues with snow ball fights, bowling, and frolicking in fields of daisies.

“Devil Side” – This rocking ballad plays while the head cheerleader manipulates the girl into believing her secret will destroy the boy, so she can get back with her ex.

“Scar” – The girl is as distraught as the music. She confesses her secret to the boy and tells him that she must leave him for his own sake.

“If You Leave Me Now” – This power ballad plays as the girl packs her bags, walks to the bus depot with tears streaming down her cheeks and the break-up montage plays out the window of her bus as it pulls away.

“Money” – The moping boy reluctantly goes back to his extravagant lifestyle and partying. He soon realizes that the head cheerleader is once again using him and, as the song points out, money can’t buy happiness.

“On My Way” – The boy finds strength in himself and in the music to break up with the cheerleader because he can’t let his true love go.

“Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” – After a heart to heart with her grandmother, the ugly duckling transforms into a beautiful swan, as the pumping pop beat backs her fashion show for the perfect prom dress to win back her man.

“Wicked Love” – The boy and girl reunite at prom. They declare their undying love, kiss and dance together to my favorite song on the album as the ex-girlfriend storms out of the gym. The end!

“Lose My Cool” – My second favorite song plays as the closing credits roll by leaving the movie goers in a good mood and believing love conquers all.

“Rise Up” (Intro & Reprise) – These are the two songs that don’t fit anywhere into the movie so they’re put on the Blu-Ray, under the extras that only get watched once.

Foxes is a star who stays true to her sound. Anyone who is a fan of her and Glorious will be a fan of All I Need.

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