Alanis Morissette’s Such Pretty Forks In The Road

Such Pretty Forks In The Road has been eight years in the making. Right from the first note of the first song, it’s like Alanis Morissette hasn’t even been gone a minute.

Her voice and rocking pop sound were frozen in time. The only difference is Such Pretty Forks In The Road has darker ballads with more mature pain and anguish. She bravely attacks topics like addiction (“Reasons I Drink”), emotional meltdowns (“Diagnosis”), and abuse (“Reckoning”). Even at the darkest times there’s light. One of my favorite tracks is the upbeat “Sandbox Love” which is ironically about moving on from a sexual assault.

On “Losing The Plot” and “Pedestal” she vents her frustrations with the music industry. “Losing The Plot” has her picking up her cape again to go back to her ‘Superwomaning’ and on “Pedestal” she’s frustrated with those who used her instead of seeing the artist she is. Alanis sashayed away from the spotlight to raise her kids, who make for great inspiration on “Ablaze,” about teaching them unity to a perky beat.

In my gay opinion, Such Pretty Forks In The Road is Alanis’ new baby that she has delivered to us, wrapped in a new age blanket and breast-fed on lyrical therapy.

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