Griff’s One Foot In Front Of The Other

I’ll be the first to admit that my taste is very specific when it comes to my divas. When people give me suggestions for a musician I will “love,” nine times out of ten, it’s someone they like with zero consideration for my taste. When one of my friends, John, suggested I check out Griff’s new album One Foot In Front Of The Other, I was hopeful but apprehensive. However, to John’s credit, Griff’s quirky beats and poppy vocals were exactly what my ear holes were in need of.

One Foot In Front Of The Other is twenty minutes of seven catchy songs with lyrics that have depth and hope. “Black Hole” has dark, heart-broken lyrics over a feel-good hook that gets healed by “One Food In Front Of The Other” with it’s fanciful vibe of a brighter future. The smooth jam, “Shade Of Yellow,” is Auto-Tuned fun about finding salvation in someone else. That person may have a “Heart Of Gold” compared to my heart of stone, which is an incredibly relatable, snappy tune. “Remembering My Dreams” has a danceable marching band beat about hiding from your dreams that hold memories of an ex. The only ballad, the best song in my gay opinion, is “Earl Grey Tea” with a tale of getting through your life but forgetting to take care of others. The album ends with a very The Aces sounding “Walk,” about wanting someone to see the good you see in them over a sound that worked it’s way under my skin and into my cold heart.

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