Kile J’s Honey

Kile J’s new EP is sweet and smooth, just like Honey. No bees were harmed in the making of this EP, so this vegan is eating it up. This new-to-me, non-binary diva delivers a positive message over infectious beats that are sticky nuggets of musical bliss that stay in your head after a few listens.  

With so much societal pressure for people to couple up, the EP starts off strong with the R&B jam “Better Off (Alone)” where Kile’s refreshingly pro-single stance is better than chasing after someone who isn’t worth it. The dating advice doesn’t stop there, “Hommiez” with it’s electronic swaying beat and slow-jam rap breakdown, has Kile wanting to end the playing of games and bring a relationship from the DL into the light by telling the person’s girlfriend and hommiez about them. In my gay opinion, interludes and affirmations are only good in new-age music (if that’s your thing) unless your Kile who’s able to bring them to the club with a wink and a laugh. Finally, “Honey” wraps up the EP with a fun, tropical island groove about Kile’s struggles of coming from a point of darkness to a place of feeling themselves. 

Whether you’re tired of trolling folks who aren’t that into you or being someone’s side piece, good news, Honey isn’t just for bears anymore!

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