Raquel Lily’s Fixations

Back in April of 2020 I was introduced to Raquel Lily through her single “Mary” and included it on a post I did at the time. I’ve been waiting and finally after two years, I get to hear Fixations, her full album. 

“Mary” introduces the album with her smooth old-school R & B sound, pro-pot stance and hookah lounge vibe. With each song, Fixations eases you deeper and deeper into a chill state of jazzy relaxation and hypnotizes you into an electronic-fused trance.

I’m a total sucker for a slumber party!

Fixations will have you tripping out in a purple Prince paradise. People lounging around higher than any pillow, hassock or bean bag chair. Beaded curtains and sequins twinkling from dimly lit Moroccan lanterns through billowing smoke. Fixations isn’t an album, it’s an ambiance.

I’m also a sucker for a big mic!

The computer-generated indie sound adds intimacy to the album. The lyrics do the same. It’s all about love. Whether your in the honeymoon phase (“No Matter What”), looking to get lucky (“Adieu” and “I Don’t Ask Twice”), under the influence of love or mushrooms (“Heartstrings”), or not the easiest person to be with (“Madly”), Raquel gives you the feels. Even when the relationship goes south (“Ghost”) or you skip out without saying goodbye (“I’m Leaving”), Raquel still makes you feel groovy.

Oh girl, we’ve all tailed our cheating gay boyfriends in a taxi!

In my gay opinion you should put on your comfy satin jammies, light some patchouli candles, grab your beverage or edible of choice, tuck yourself under your weighted blanket and be prepared to be embraced in Raquel’s warm musical hug.

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