Sexy Singles For You

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a six-pack. I’m also a sucker for new albums, but when my divas drop singles instead, I take what I can get. In my gay opinion, here’s six new singles that I’m a sucker for:


I knew Alexander Jean was dropping their single “Nevermind” but was surprised to get “For Anybody Wondering” as a bonus track. Both songs feature Mark Ballas’ fancy finger work on guitar and smooth voice that melds perfectly with BC Jean’s belted out gritty rock vocals. Because of their indie EPs, they’ve gotten picked up by a record label and if this is their new musical direction, I’m hungry for more.


A couple months ago I did a post about Bryce Drew’s first single “Lucky Number,” which I waited years for. Now that she’s three singles in, I’m an even bigger fan. “Love Life” is giving me life as a strong, fun-loving single-lady’s anthem. The music, the message, the lyrical mastery: perfection.


Donna De Lory is probably the most prolific diva that I have done posts about. The albums and the songs just keep coming but they never get watered down. “Diamonds In The Sun – We Shine” is the ideal marriage of Donna’s New-Age philosophy with her bubblegum pop beat. I’m the first bitter queen to roll my eyes at the current “in it together” celebrity platitudes but I believe Donna’s sincerity and positivity in this song.


I was a huge Saving Jane fan back in the day and never got over their break-up a decade ago. MartiJane was their lead singer and co-songwriter. This month Marti released her solo single “Exist” which is a beautiful and heart wrenching country-pop song (and video) about the death of her father. Marti sings in the universal voice of loss.


New to me diva, Raquel Lily, has an interesting old-school R&B sound. “Mary” has a smooth hookah-lounge vibe and who doesn’t like a poppy-bluesy girl-on-girl love jam.

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