Donna De Lory’s Here In Heaven

Since starting this blog back in 2014, I have done posts on Donna De Lory’s live album Live From Kula Space, her Two Friends EP with Niki Haris, and Welcome To The Dream Machine the La Machine De Reve’s album that she’s a member of. Instead of going all fangay and gushing further, here’s what I think of her new album, Here In Heaven.

Here In Heaven is a mix of musical styles creating the Donna De Lory sound. She flirts with flamenco flair on “Listen” and “Amor Amor”. On “Heaven” and “Sat Siri” she borrows from the sound she started on her albums The Lover And The Beloved, In The Glow and Sanctuary by mixing chant and pop. On the ballad “Miracle Of Love” and the dark and brooding “Never Be Mine” she performs my favorite style, pure pop, reminiscent of her Sky Is Open and self titled albums. Interestingly she went back to her 2001 pop album Bliss and reworked the song “Go Talk To Mary” into an orchestral sound.

Although Here In Heaven pays homage to classic Donna albums, in my gay opinion, each song still sounds new and fresh. Whether driving around in your car, washing dishes at the kitchen sing or doing yoga at the ashram; Donna will bring Heaven to your ears.

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