Donna De Lory’s Live From Kula Space

I first heard Donna De Lory sing when she was doing back up for Madonna on some of her early songs and tours. When Donna released her self titled album in 1992 I checked it out and I’ve been a fan every since. She started out as a pop artist and has gradually transformed into an artist who has a style all her own. It’s a mix of pop, new age, world, and chant. I don’t know what to call it but I love it.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Donna perform live twice and it was a unique experience both times. The first time was back in 1999 at a Borders Book store in Farmington, CT to promote her album Bliss. There were a few folding chairs arranged in a semi circle around her performance area located just outside the music department. It was just her and a few band mates. The second time was at South Boston Yoga in Boston, MA in 2012. This show was held in a yoga studio where everyone was asked to remove their shoes and some folks brought their own yoga mats to sit on while others, like myself, were able to score a few of the folding chairs they had around. No assigned seating, just lounging where ever you want.

Whether Donna’s doing pop music in a book store or going the new age route in a yoga studio, she always puts on a great show full of positivity. Live From Kula Space is her new album and her second live album. Live From Kula Space is all about the music that she’s recording and performing now. The quality of the recording is so good that you wouldn’t guess it’s live except for the clapping between songs. The energy that Donna puts into performing comes through on each and every song.

The majority of the live songs she performed at Kula Space were from her albums Sanctuary, The Unchanging and The Lover & Beloved which are three out of her four most current albums. The only song she chose to perform from her pop years was “On & On”. If you told me back in the day that I would really be into songs like “Ganapati Om” and “Aham Prema” with chanting in them, I would have just rolled my eyes and said “as if”. But the beats and the vibes that Donna puts into her music is addicting.

My only hope is that in order to promote her live album, she’ll get out there and do more live shows. If she comes anywhere close, I am so there.

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