Tiffany’s A Million Miles

In my gay opinion, the best thing about being a Tiffany fan is that you never know what you’re going to get when she releases a new album. She started out with pop on her self titled album, rocked out years later on The Color Of Silence, kicked up her heels on Dust Off And Dance, and her last album Rose Tattoo was all about country. When I heard a new album was coming out I knew I was buying it even though I didn’t know what style it would be in. Tiffany never disappoints. On A Million Miles Tiffany mixes up her pop, rock and country roots to deliver this delicious album.

The majority of the songs on A Million Miles are ballads, which are a favorite of mine, give me dreamy ballads any day. However, Tiffany does give her upbeat pop past a nod on “Cry” and “Right Here”. She busts out some rocking guitar riffs on “Fall Again”, “Waking Up For The First Time”, and “Get Over You”. Then she gets her country twang on in “A Million Miles Away” and “Lady & Her Man”. Not only is the sound on many of the songs influenced by country music but the honesty of the lyrics are as well. The most touching song is “Daddy’s Girl” with it’s story of an absentee father. The song writing on this album is very personal and introspective.

To promote A Million Miles, Tiffany put up a page on Pledge Music, which is still available at the time of this post. It’s a way for musicians to get their albums made and for fans to get some cool merch in the process. I like that artists are doing this now on sites like Pledge Music and Kickstarter. It allows them to make the music they want to make instead of the music that The Man wants. For my pledges I was able to score a download of the album the minute it was released, a signed 8X10, and a signed copy of the physical CD with my name in the liner notes when it’s ready. Perks like that are just as cool as Tiffany and the songs on A Million Miles.

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