Lesli Margherita’s Rule Your Kingdom

This past December my partner and I took my great nephew to New York City for the first time. He wanted to walk around and explore the city so we were looking into show options to make his trip even more special. My partner discovered a show called Who’s Holiday about 40 year old Cindy Lou Who who’s life hit the skids after meeting The Grinch and is now living in a trailer park. Just knowing the basic plot, I was on board. My partner needed a little more convincing so he found a video of the star, Lesli Margherita, performing the Wonder Woman theme song. I went from being on board, to being in love.



In now wanted to see a full Lesli Margherita show. Thankfully I didn’t need to wait long, this past weekend my dream came true. Not only was I lucky enough to see her live but, thanks to an Indigogo campaign to get her Rule Your Kingdom album made, I was also able to have an audience with her Highness before the showl. In my gay opinion, this was one of, if not the best VIP experiences ever. My partner and I (as well as two other VIPs) were escorted up to the “green room” by a very friendly assistant who talked shoes and dished dirt about an old school cabaret diva who got off the elevator as we got on. The green room had a table where the band and back-up singers were sitting around, a photo area with the name of the venue behind it, and a few offshoot offices. Then there was Lesli, in all her divaness; teased hair, manicured nails, and shimmering in glitter. She shared stories, gave us our autographed CDs and took as many photos as we wanted. She was so gracious and appreciative.



The show was held at Feinstein’s 54 Below in New York City which is where the live album, Rule Your Kingdom, was recorded. The self-proclaimed Queen’s humor, talent and honesty comes through swimmingly on the high quality recording. Rule Your Kingdom is part stand-up/part song. It’s the story of her rise from farm girl to Queen while singing some classic covers and lighthearted originals. Leslie is bringing cabaret to a whole new level, she has a positive message to convey and she flirtingly delivers it with her tongue firmly planted in cheek. Rule Your Kingdom’s message is to simply gain control of your surroundings and “you don’t have to outshine, you just have to shine”. Lesli has picked up the sequined baton that Bette Midler left back in the 70’s gay bathhouses and is off and running (well as fast as one can run in 6″ high Louis Vuitton knock offs) with her gay (Bette had Barry Manilow and Lesli has Brent Ryback) in tow.


What’s next for Lesli? Rumor has it, there’s a chance of Who’s Holiday returning to New York City this season. Fingers crossed because I’d love to crash Cindy Lou’s holiday party again with some friends. With a bunch of one woman shows under her cubic zirconia encrusted belt, an Olivier award as a door stop, and now an album flying off iTunes’ virtual shelves the star-studded sky is the limit. All Hail The Queen!

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