Alexander Jean’s Head High EP

I was interested in the group Alexander Jean’s new EP because of BC Jean’s involvement. I became a BC Jean fan after hearing her song “Just A Guy” on the radio in 2010. I’ve been following her career ever since. When I heard she teamed up with her fiancé Mark Ballas to form Alexander Jean and they were releasing an EP, I jumped at the chance to hear some new music from her. I knew Mark Ballas as one of the hot dancers on Dancing With The Stars and eye candy never hurts a band. So in my gay opinion, it was music to my ears and eyes.

The songs on the EP are about different types of relationships and ways to handle them. “Thief” is about a couple in a power struggle, “Roses And Violets” is from the view of a one-sided long distance relationship, and then some people are in love with their addictions (“So Bad” and “Whiskey And Morphine”). To get through it all you can keep your “Head High” or “Run” while living your life to the fullest with the one you love until the end of time.

The music itself is hard to describe and doesn’t fit comfortably into any one genre. It’s a little pop, a hint of country, touches on blues, and some Flamenco guitar thrown in for good measure. If Anna Nalick and Natasha Bedingfield had a love child, she would look and sound like BC Jean. I expected Mark Ballas’ contribution to be instrumental not vocal, however, his voice is a perfect compliment to BC Jean’s.

Alexander Jean announced their tour before they released this EP. One of the stops is right here in Connecticut and they offer amazing VIP packages (who doesn’t love a good package) so I didn’t hesitate in picking up a pair of tickets. Not only will I be able to see them perform but I will get some cool merch and meet them before. I bought the tickets before hearing the music and just hoped the music would be decent. Who knew their sound would exceed my expectations!

Side note about the photo for this post: Alexander Jean have drawings of the two of them on their EP and their singles artwork. This is my interpretation, no I didn’t hire a 5 year old or give a marker to my pet rats. However, I think I can now quit my day job and sketch people in the park for a living. That’s how Picasso got started, I’m sure, Google it.

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