Alexander Jean’s High Enough EP

There have been a few updates since I posted my Alexander Jean’s Head High EP post. First, BC Jean and Mark Ballas, who make up Alexander Jean, are now a married writing and recording duo. Secondly, after having seen them in concert, I can say that they are beyond talented and so much fun live. BC Jean is the reason I started following the duo so getting to see her perform live was incredible. Mark Ballas, who I thought was only eye candy, actually has major talent to back up those good looks. Finally, the VIP pre-ordered package that I was raving about, ended up being a bust. The t-shirts weren’t available at the show and I had to jump through hoops to get them months later, however, I was still able to participate in the meet and greet after the show which was the important thing.

In my gay opinion, BC Jean and Mark Ballas are just as nice as they are talented. I was first in line at the meet and greet because of where I was standing after the show. BC came over first so I had some time to gush about what a fan I am of hers before Mark showed up a minute later. I got the impression that most of the fans who come to their shows are there because of Mark’s popularity as a dancer on Dancing With The Stars. So when Mark came over, BC teased him that I was her fan. I got a photo with them both and then Mark suggested I get one with just BC since I was there to see her. I’m now officially a fan after such a great debut EP, excellent concert, and mind-blowing meet and greet. I couldn’t wait to hear what was in store next. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long for their new EP, High Enough, to get released.

The songs on High Enough are each unique with a different sound and vibe, exactly what I liked about their first EP, and the “High Enough” track is continuing their style. There’s more harmonizing on this EP and it really works. Musically they modernize old school beats into their own heavily guitar strummed sound. “Fuck You No One Loves You Like Me” has a bluesy revival riff, “Easier Said Than Done” has some serious salsa strumming, and “Wouldn’t Change Anything” gives a nod to torch songs of the past. My favorite track of theirs so far has to be “Paper Planes”, this slow jam is totally my jam.

Unfortunately, so far the only concert dates to promote the new EP are as openers for a group I have no interest in. They’re also not coming close enough to just run in to see them and then leave. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they might add some headlining dates because that is a show I would love to make the trip for.

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