Cell Phones: A Great Advance In Technology Or A Pain In My Ass?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a cell phone person. The main reason I have a cell phone is in case of emergencies. Thankfully I’ve never needed one for that reason especially since I don’t know where mine is half the time. So what do I use my phone for? When I’m hanging out with friends and need to text a time to meet up or when I go somewhere alone I go on the internet to avoid interacting with strangers around me. In my gay opinion, cell phones are more of a nuisance than they’re worth.

I admit, my smart phone is smarter than I am. I don’t even know what kind of phone I have. I only know it’s a hand-me-down from my partner, just like the phone before that. I call it my brown phone because of the color of it’s case; it replaced my yellow phone (not only did I get a new used phone, if you hadn’t guessed, I got a new case too). I use Ting as my provider and the plan I have costs me a minimum of $6 a month and if I use my text, calling and internet without going over my limits then my max bill is $17. It’s rare for me to hit $17 but when I do I complain about it, my partner just rolls his eyes…yeah, I saw that. My partner loaded my phone with apps but the only ones I use are Twitter, the flash light, and the game Candy Crush. Honestly, I wouldn’t even know where to buy an app. Maybe in the grocery store down one of my untraveled aisle, like where they sell meat or feminine hygiene products.

I think a large part of my aversion to cell phones is because the majority of people who use them are self-absorbed douchebags. I am sick of being stuck at a traffic light that turns green because the person in front of me can’t go until their text is sent. Or seated at a concert where the person in the next row puts their cell phone over their head (blocking my view) to record a song knowing damn well that the quality is going to be shit and they’ll never watch it again. Or waiting for someone in line to pay because they can’t talk on the phone and get their money out at the same time.

Some people shouldn’t even try to multi-task and also realize they aren’t as important as they would like to believe. Nobody needs to be in contact 24/7. Stop trying to capture every moment with pics or on video, put down the damn phone, and experience life instead of getting in my way…oh yeah, and everybody else’s too.

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