Kris Angelis’ Pieces That Were Stolen EP

My main reason for joining Twitter four years ago was to keep track of my favorite divas since I don’t do Facebook. It’s allowed me to interact with some of the divas directly and I’ve found out about some amazing shows. I didn’t plan on participating in Twitter as much as I have, but because of it, I’ve met so many cool people that I consider friends. Thanks to Twitter I have also discovered artist like author/blogger John L Harmon who writes in a quirky soap opera style, been to a Natalie Gelman folk concert that left my partner and I with many memorable stories, and had incredible pop diva Shayna Leigh get me hooked on her music by following me and then I stuck around even after she unfollowed me. In my gay opinion, Twitter is a great way of meeting new people and discovering new artists.

Kris Angelis is the newest diva to follow me and to stick around. She did a crowd funding drive to make money to fund her EP, Pieces That Were Stolen. I checked out her earlier music on her website and was enchanted enough to buy some of it and back her campaign. I was impressed with the way she ran the campaign solely on her own, not going through Kickstarter or Pledge Music. She’s hard core indie which I give her props for. The crowd funding perks are still upcoming but she released the Pieces That Were Stolen EP early to her backers before it’s official release today.

Pieces That Were Stolen is a four track EP of singer-songwriter simplicity in sixteen minutes of pure pop art. I’m a sucker for an album with a stripped down sound that focuses on lyrics and a strong female voice. “Photobooth” is a fun upbeat song about young love that is forever encapsulated in a moment in time. “Sparrow” is a dreamy ballad of giving yourself fully to someone who may or may not return those feelings. “Stained Glass” is about recycling heartache into strength while “Bravest” is the break-up song that doesn’t wallow in loss but instead shows the courage it sometimes takes to leave. Each of the songs on Pieces That Were Stolen are different versions of love and love is what I have for this EP.


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