Morgan Reese’s Letters From The Invisible Girl

This Memorial Day weekend I had outdoor dinner plans with friends that got postponed due to thunderstorms and Cocoa Brown cancelled her standup show at my hometown comedy club due to a family emergency. Being desperate for some fun, I turned to Spotify to cheer me up and she didn’t disappoint when she introduced me to Morgan Reese’s album Letters From The Invisible Girl.

Right from the intro of “Invisible Girl” I was hooked with it’s pop-Hawaiian-island-shoulder-shaking sound and superhero-within lyrics. I’m a sucker for divas who talk in portions of their songs like “Invisible Girl’s” intro and “Joe” with it’s Trader Joe’s announcements and modern disco beat. The upbeat songs bring the fun but Morgan has some beautiful ballads on the album too. “Butterflies” and “Honey” are sweet slow jams about not wanting to have feelings for someone you can’t have. Her story-telling shines on “Dating Montage” with it’s nod to a rom-com lifestyle. “Not Cool Anymore” is the song that brought me to the album, with it’s pure-pop sensibilities and the plot of not getting over someone no matter how you try. The album ends with “Letter” and Morgan’s heartfelt message in a bottle.

How this album didn’t get on my radar sooner is beyond me, it’s everything I love in a pop album. This album is so fun, catchy and sweet that it should get this Invisible Girl noticed and I hope more people get to hear it.

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