Courtney Jaye’s Hymns And Hallelucinations

It’s been five years to the month since I’ve been able to post about new Courtney Jaye music, back then it was her album Pent Up with Zach Rogue under their pairing of Rogue + Jaye, but last week she released her first solo album in nine years, Hymns And Hallelucinations. This album and it’s accompanying video trip made the wait worthwhile.

I may be a vegan but it’s no secret that I love some cheese with my music, however, there is none of that on this album. This album is one of the most purely beautiful albums in my music library. Courtney’s full and dreamy voice is as strong as ever and her musical style has always been uniquely her own. Hymns And Hallelucinations exemplifies Courtney’s modern-lounge sound.

When Courtney announced her new album was going to be called Hymns And Hallelucinations, I admit to possibly groaning behind an eye roll. Hymns And Hallelucinations isn’t the new age feel-good chanting (the hand clapping on “Just Say Yes” doesn’t count) or gospel choir prayer music (even “Take It Up With The Lord” has a bit of a 60’s rock vibe with tongue in cheek lyrics) that I feared, it’s Courtney’s take on spirituality with a wink. Although, personally, I would have enjoyed it being called Hims & Hallelucinations with a little guy bashing and psychedelic beats, but that’s just me.

I will gladly take Hymns And Hallelucinations just as it is with all it’s soothing balladry that lulls me into the calming alternate reality and faith of Courtney’s own design. In my gay opinion, religion promises a love that it doesn’t deliver on, but Hymns And Hallelucinations delivers that love and is my new savior.

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