Minnie Driver’s Managing Expectations

A couple weeks ago, Minnie Driver did a discussion and book signing in Madison, CT thanks to R.J. Julia Booksellers. I bought a ticket to the event since I’m a fan of some of Minnie’s movies, I appreciate hearing authors talk about their books and I’m always a sucker for autographed merch. If I wasn’t already a fan, I would have been after her talk. Minnie came across as smart, friendly and very funny both in a self-deprecating way and also poking fun at others…especially when the moderator inadvertently accused Minnie of plagiarizing an idea in her book.

“Managing Expectations” is full of examples of Minnie’s humor. I laughed out loud multiple times, however, the book is mostly self-reflecting and touching. This isn’t an autobiography, it’s “A Memoir In Essays,” which is a fancy way of saying it’s ten stories from Minnie’s life and each gets their own chapter. There isn’t any dishing of dirt (although one of the stories touches on her break-up with Matt Damon while having to attend the Oscars) but the essays are quite personal.

From “Managing Expectations” and the book discussion I learned that Minnie has three albums (a Minnie Driver concert is now on my bucket list), she once out maneuvered the Coast Guard to get supplies to her community in Malibu when California was suffering from brush fires, and I derive too much pleasure from stories of teen angst when her story of getting a haircut in Arcachon, France ended with us both in tears…her because the haircut was so horrible and me because her story telling is so damn funny.

“Managing Expectations” was a fun read that gave me an appreciation for Minnie and her relationship with celebrity.

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