Girl In Red’s I’m Doing It Again Baby

I’m Doing It Again Baby is Girl In Red’s new album’s statement and title. It’s a whole new sound, not only for her but for music in general. Girl In Red mixes genres and sounds, sometimes within the same song, leaving you unknowing of what you’re going to get while the lyrics are personal and therapeutic, as if you’re peeping in on a self-help group.

“I’m Back” starts the album with a lullaby vibe and progresses into a 90’s alternative sound on songs like “Doing It Again Baby” and “New Love”. There’s the must-have ballad (“Pick Me”) but songs like “Too Much” and “A Night To Remember” focus more on the peppy-side of pop. In my gay opinion, the greatest thing missing in music today is the verbal break-downs in the middle of a song, and Girl In Red brings that back on “You Need Me Now” by introing Sabrina Carpenter into the colab and discusses not liking how she shows her worst side to those who love her most on “Ugly Side”.

Girl In Red is both self-reflective and contemplative of her relationships with others on I’m Doing It Again Baby. Its a very personal and bare approach, which makes for the most interesting of albums.

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