Nico Tortorella’s Born

I think this is going to be the year of divas transitioning from acting to singing, usually it’s the other way around, but I am living for it. If the music’s good, great I might have a chance to catch them in concert. But if the music’s bad, even better.

What kind of fruit am I? The kind that enjoys a video like this!

First diva out of the gate is Nico Tortorella. I loved Nico in “Scream 4” but really started following their career on the TV show “Younger” which then got me to check out their next show “How Far Is Tattoo Far?” with Nicole Polizzi (aka Snooki from “Jersey Shore”, which I never watched, because shockingly I have some standards) where sometimes estranged people who know each other select secret tattoos for eachother and then have them revealed at the end of the show with a usually less-than-positive result. Taking emotional scars and trasforming them into permanent physical ones isn’t below my standards. Online I also discovered signed copies of Nico’s books, “All Of It Is You” and “Space Between: Explorations Of Love, Sex And Fluidity”, so of course I had to add those to my autographed merch collection. When I heard they had an album coming out, my curiosity was piqued.

Its all about the plot

Nico’s album, Born, was conceived along with their first child. Parenthood plays a heavy role in the album, a gurgling baby is even worked into “La Santa Madre”, which some might find endearing…me, not so much. That song is very experimental, as are “Encircle” and “Liminal”. Born’s overall sound is very lo-fi electronic with computer-generated beats and heavy Auto-Tuning. The lyrics are deeply random and mind-altering for those who get high off reproduction and/or self-medication. In my gay opinion, I’m definitely not the target market for this album but I can appreciate the uniqueness and unexpectedness.

Porn For Breeders

Spoiler alert, the next diva acting as a singer is Kate Hudson. I have my autographed CD on order and will be Spotifying her album as soon as it drops in May. Now the touring gods need to work on putting Nico and Kate on a double bill.

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