Marielle Kraft’s Good EP

“Good”, according to, is defined as satisfactory in quality.

In my gay opinion, the only thing good about Marielle Kraft’s new EP is the title, the music itself is beyond satisfactory, it’s amazing! The four-song EP is half perky beats and half sweet balladry. In each song, Marielle defines “good” for herself. “Something Good” is what you wish for someone, when they’ve been knocked down one too many times by life. “Good Days” are those rarities that you live through before going back to the day-in-day-out toxicity of a bad relationship. “Good Grief” is what you work through on your path to becoming a better person. “Let It Be Good” is what you hope to appreciate when thing exceed your low-bar expectations.

It’s rare for me to feel so seen in a song, but the “Good Grief” lyric, “I’m on the sweet side of bitter” pretty much sums up my life goals. Marielle cowrote all the songs on Good and each song has a honesty and vulnerability while bringing a smirk to my face.

My first introduction to Marielle, was seeing her in concert earlier this year. That show made me a fan and I highly recommend checking her out. Marielle is once again on tour to promote the EP and I look forward to celebrating it when she comes back around to Connecticut in April.

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