Yehra’s Ricochet EP

Yehra is back with their old-school Sade vibes on their new Ricochet EP. In my gay opinion, the EP’s jam is slow, smooth and sultry and has me living out some serious retro lounge lizard realness.

Yehra’s melodic beats and breathy vocals sound like something you’d experience in a dimly-lit cabaret with red crushed-velvet booths while canoodling with your special someone or your special someone for the night…that’s what one does in fantasy lounges. Yehra’s sound is cozy and transporting. It’s the perfect EP to listen and chill to, while getting lost in the daydream that is Ricochet.

Interestingly, I learned from Spotify, that Yehra is a co-writing duo (Jen Mahon on vocals and produced by Rasmus Liebst) who have worked together virtually for almost 10-years without ever having met in person. I wish all coworker situations could be like that, if so, sign me up. This is the perfect partnership on so many levels.

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