Yehra’s Magnetic EP

Thanks to Spotify’s Discover Weekly I was recently introduced to Yehra’s 2021 EP, Magnetic. My curated playlist is usually chock-full of upbeat indie-pop, but sometimes I like my vibe mellowed and a little dreamy, and that’s exactly what Yehra delivers.

I was instantly drawn to “Magnetic – Extended Version” with it’s smooth finger-snapping sound and story of a dysfunctional relationship that worked. “Daydreaming” will get your shoulders shaking with it’s bumping beat and longing lyrics and the fantasy of “Dirty Love” is reminiscent of early Sade. Psychedelic lyrics float atop a wind machine and dripping sink on “Resonate” while the beat perks up on “On & On” with some Latin flavor and repetitive life-cycle lyrics.

Magnetic is a stripped down, vocally-focused EP whos music is electronic but not overly produced in a way that takes away from it’s realness. It’s sweet, sexy and smooth and in my gay opinion, a perfect little nugget of bliss and angst.

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