Andriana Chobot’s Return To Sincere

Welcome to the Carnie Cabaret, where things really pop and get a little jazzy with a wink of burlesque! Andriana Chobot will be your chanteuse this evening. She’ll clomp out onto the rickety wooden stage in her “Intro,” plug in her amp and buckle you in for an unexpectedly rich trip through her new album, Return To Sincere.

The breathy, moaning vocals and gritty guitar rift of “Neon” will start you out by pitching a tent for a Big Top…or at least hoping he is. Afterwards be sure to swing by the Seventies Snack Shack for a Greatest American Hero with seven different mystery meats and a sweet treat of Farrah Flossette Cotton Candy as retro tunes like “Like It’s The Last Time” and “How Ya Do” crackle over the record player speakers.

When you’re ready to hit the midway, the siren’s call of “Galaxy Eyes” will draw you instinctively to The “Merry-Go-Round” from Hell’s pounding piano keys that will hurl you into emotional and lyrical darkness. The echoing tuneage of “Return To Sincere” is perfect for a round of Whack-A-Mole before the beeping beat of “Drive On” straps you into a bumper car for a lap or two. It’s all fun and games until you get rear-ended unexpectedly.

However, in my gay opinion, it’s the romantic ambiance that makes the night special. The beautiful balladry of “Hand-Me-Down Love” and “Another Day” will leave you wanting to live out a movie montage, running hand-in-hand to the Ferris wheel, squirting each other with the water guns instead of inflating the balloons and looking longingly into each other’s eyes while in line for the a Port-O-Potty. Followed by the after glow of a quick frolic in a cramped clown car’s backseat as “Soundscape” plays on the radio and then fixing your disheveled self to “What Ya Do”, leaving with a “do-ta-do” in your step.

“Outro to a Monumoment” brings the evening to a close as Danny LeFrancois reads poetry over Andriana’s twinkling keyboarding and gives you something to ponder as you pick candy apple from your teeth and watch the clowns snuff out their cigarettes as they drunkenly stumble back home to their trailers.

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