NoSo’s Stay Proud Of Me

In May I discovered NoSo’s music when they opened for Molly Burch at Space Ballroom here in Connecticut. NoSo’s musical style and sound caught my attention, putting them on my radar, and I’ve been looking forward to the release of their new album, Stay Proud Of Me, ever since. Last week, my wait was finally over.

NoSo has an all electric sound that’s plugged into an emotional source that’s looking from the outside in. Stay Proud Of Me has a haunting romanticism wrapped in an indie-pop package. NoSo’s personal story has been set to music and the listener is invited on this trip of self-discovery.

Whether you’re wanting to be yourself (“Parasite”), be someone else (“David”) or in love with someone else (“Everything I Got”). NoSo’s songs and story-telling style meld sexuality and gender while focusing on inclusivity, which is what all great songs should do, in my gay opinion.

What’s not to like about Stay Proud Of Me? The sound is mellow, the lyrics are honest, and the musical journey is one worth taking.

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