Genes’ Super Single EP

In my gay opinion, Carly Rae Jepsen no longer has the market cornered on feel-good pop music, let me introduce you to Genes. I dare you to listen to her latest EP, Super Single, and not find yourself breaking out in a smile, bobbing your head to the beat or pulling out your finger guns for a shoulder roll or two.

Super Single is a fun four-pack of pop perfection. Even when someone’s “Cherry Lips” are lying, you don’t care as long as Genes’ perky vocals are breaking the news to you. It might even cause you to explore your “Kind Of Bi” options, play the “Super Single” field or “Friendzone” the good ones to protect your heart.

I was late to the Genes party, it took me a year to discover this EP and it took almost as long to find a place to buy it, thanks iTunes. Along the way I did find she has a Cherry Lips fanny pack for sale on Bandcamp if anyone is in need of a fashion make-over.

Genes Super Single EP is the Rom-Com of the music world. You know what you’re getting right from the opening notes, with no plot twists, and you’re guaranteed a happy ending.

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