Fanny Walked The Earth…And We’re Lucky They Did!

You may be asking yourself who is Fanny? I was asked myself the same thing when I saw the “Fanny: The Right To Rock” documentary show up on my list of films to watch for a local QUILTBAG film festival that I’m a committee member of. After watching the doc, my only question is, how could I have not known who Fanny is all these years.

I’m not a huge Classic Rock fan but Fanny is the definition of Rock & Roll. They broke all the rules of the 70’s when they were starting out as one of, if not the first, all-female rock band. They fought for feminism, against racism (the founding members are Filipina-American) and homophobia (with a few lesbian members) and now in their 70’s, ageism. After five albums and years of touring they walked away from the male-driven music business that tried to mold them into something they weren’t and were almost erased from rock history because of it.

At the end of the doc, Fanny was signing merch for the release of their 2018 album, Fanny Walked The Earth. Of course, the minute the doc was over, I went online to see if anything was available and was able to score an autographed lithograph with a download of the album. Also the drummer, Alice de Buhr, has an autographed 8X0 on the band’s website for anyone interested.

The album, Fanny Walked The Earth, is rocking but with it’s fingers on the pulse of today’s folk-pop sound. The lyrics are socially-conscious and full of hope and positivity. Music with a message that has carried over and throughout their career. Putting their history to music, they’re now riding out their own musical future on a path they helped pave for themselves and other female rockers.

“Fanny: The Right To Rock” is available for purchase and rental on a few streaming sites. All their music is available for streaming as well. Whether you’re a fan of classic rock, feminist icons, or part of the QUILTBAG community…in my gay opinion, Fanny deserves to be better-known and given their props.

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