A Night Of Firsts

For the past two years of this pandemic, things have been pretty routine for me, day-in-and-day-out of work and errands. The most exciting thing every day is what I’m having for dinner…spoiler alert, 9 times out of 10 it’s bean salad, vegan yogurt and a Clif Bar. Finally this week, I had an entire evening of new experiences and firsts, who knew that could still be a thing?

Tuesday night after work, instead of parking my ass on the couch to watch the next episode of The Circle on Netflix, I drove an hour to attend a concert at the new-to-me Space Ballroom in Hamden, CT. Space Ballroom is located in an industrial park, in an unexpected part of the city, with tons of parking. Although I knew it was a standing room only show, I was excited to find a bench along the wall to sit at. They also had some tables and chairs along the back wall for those who got drinks at the bar. The bench wasn’t as comfy as my couch but I’m getting too old to be standing around waiting for a show to start.

The opening act, NoSo, came on promptly at 8:00PM. The only things I knew about NoSo were the few videos I found on YouTube and the short bio I read on the venue’s website. I was excited to check out an up-and-coming queer, non-binary, Asian-American artist and they didn’t disappoint. NoSo came out solo with a magic music box that they struck with their wand device to activate a backing track that they played their guitar and sang over. NoSo’s style of electro-pop engaged the audience, which is hard for an opener. I now look forward to NoSo’s debut album dropping in July.

How could I not be a fan of this song with such a great title like “David” ?

Molly Burch was the headliner. I hadn’t heard of Molly before but I read her bio and gave her newest album, Romantic Images, a listen and she drew me in with her dreamy vocals and futuristic-retro pop sound. I was curious to see what she would do live. She came out with a full band and blew me away. She sounded exactly like her recordings and brought the fun to the intimate venue. She had the crowd swaying to her slower ballads and heads were nodding along to her more upbeat jams.

Molly, you in danger, girl (if you don’t know the Ghost reference, shame on you)! Let the drag queen show you how it’s done.

After the show Molly announced she’d be doing a greeting and signing at the merch table which solidified me as a fan, since I’m a sucker for signed merch. She was only back stage long enough to throw on a mask and she was ready to sign. No waiting, I was in love!

I get it Molly, I’m a sucker for a man and his wood too!

Not only was it a night of firsts for me but also the first time NoSo and Molly were in Connecticut, I hope it was a good enough experience that they return. That night I found a great new venue with prices low enough that I’d check out new acts like these two again, a debut album to keep an ear out for, and a diva to catch the next time she tours.

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