Jake Lancer’s Take Off EP

Welcome to Club Lancer, where the beats are pumping and touching isn’t only permitted but encouraged. For the next twelve minutes, Jake Lancer will take you on an all-inclusive emotional dance journey with his debut EP, Take Off. Jake’s music is upbeat and his lyrics are heart-felt.

Jake’s a queer New York City based singer / songwriter and mental health therapist, what’s not to love?

Take Off will send you on a fun-loving journey. First stop, “Feel Your Love” takes you to church with Jake’s story of self discovery. Bon voyage and well wishes are given on “Paris” while hoping that special someone won’t leave. Sometimes you don’t have to travel so far when it’s only to the friend zone (“Take Off”) and other times it’s through space and time (“Tomorrowland”) on a rocket ship. However you get there, Take Off is one trip you’ll be glad you went on.

Jake’s Pretty In Pink with a wink to Madonna’s “Vogue” on “Tomorrowland” where he raps and gives good face.

When the party’s over and you’re a sweaty mess sashaying out of the club, you’ll have Jake’s tunes stuck in your head all the way home and into the next morning, as you pleasantly bask in your Take Off love hangover.

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