Wild Fire’s In Between

Wild Fire is one of my newest diva discoveries who know how to feed my addiction for autographed merch. As with all good deals, it started last year with a free sample of their autographed CD “Phases” with a signed 8X10, which I took advantage of. This year I paid up and pre-ordered their new album “In Between” which is due out in May. To get that instantaneous fix, every pre-order comes with a download of the new album early.

“In Between” continues the sister’s progression of taking their pop-country sound to the next level on the majority of the album. However, there are a couple songs that cross over to total pop and I am living for those songs. When the first song “Don’t Mess With Exes” started, I was convinced I was listening to rocker Skye Sweetnam and “Broken Pieces” definitely blurs the lines between country and rock, props for rhyming “pieces” with “Jesus.”

“In Between” is full of youthful exuberance and a young-adult take on the world. “Seventeen” gives a teen perspective of modern life, on “Looking Out For You” they sing about what they wish their younger selves had known and “Alone” visits the pitfalls of social media. However, there’s a lot of growing and maturing on the new album as well, especially on the longing ballads “Like Home” with it’s missing of someone long-distance and the uncertainty of what the future holds on “Dear Life.”

Wild Fire drew me in with “Phases” and after “In Between” I’m totally hooked. I even caved and ordered a five-pack of their older albums, autographed of course. If they keep dropping albums as often as they have been, I’ll have to spend less time on their online shop and more time looking for a 12-step program.

Also, there are still autographed copies of “Phases” and a signed 8X10 available and all you have to pay is shipping and handling with this link.

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