Chloe Moriondo’s Puppy Luv EP

I discovered Chloe Moriondo’s music back in July of last year. Their new EP, Puppy Luv, in my gay opinion, is some of their best music to date. Puppy Luv has a running pet-friendly theme which could have gone horribly wrong but Chloe makes it enjoyably right. 

The EP starts out cheerily-upbeat with the song “sammy” which is full of Furry Krishna tambourine thumping tuneage. Chloe might be metaphorically representing a dog in “nice pup” but in my world it sounds like a theme song for pup-play fetish training. The EP stays solid musically while gradually getting darker lyrically starting with the breakup song “my dog won’t miss you (dead 2 me)” who’s title says it all,  “dog days are over” is an interesting take on surprise happiness hitting in a painful way, and ends with how a location’s isolation turned Chloe into an emotional “werewolf.”

Whether you’re an animal lover, on the end of someone’s leash, feeling like a huge rabid canine or just enjoy pop music, Puppy Luv is the EP for you. I haven’t stopped listening to it since it came out.

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