Lisa Remar’s hi… EP

Lisa Remar crams a whole lot of heart-on-her-sleeve confessionals into less than ten minutes on her new four-track EP, hi…. Lisa has a Dido-esque, sorrowful, slow-song sound with electric guitar wailings that match the heart-wrenching lyrics perfectly.

The short (and anything but sweet) intro, “sometimes…,” begins the EP with the anxiety of waiting on someone who will disappoint you when they show…if they show. That disappointment doesn’t go away on “was there more…” it only adds to the uncertainty of wondering if you did enough when the relationship dies.

Having the desire to be as important to someone else as they are to you is wrapped up painfully perfectly in forty-one seconds of “hi…” Once you tire of the chase and leave that wanting behind you, you don’t want that person to “provoke” old feelings by running into them again on “lankersham….”

hi… isn’t a feel-good EP, in my gay opinion, but its full of the feels. This is the EP you want on when you’re going through an emotional time and want your music to match your mood. 

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