Wild Fire’s Phases

Let me start this post with two disclaimers. #1: I think Facebook is totally evil and Mark Zuckerberg would sell his grandma to make a buck. However, all my divas use it so I need an account (not tied to me personally) to keep track of new music. #2: This is the first time I’m writing a post and sending it into the world in one day without much editing since it has a time sensitive offer that I think is cool and wanted to share.

This morning while waiting for my partner to come downstairs for breakfast, I was trolling Facebook. They advertised a sister duo called Wild Fire who are offering an autographed 8X10 and CD copy of their new album, Phases, for only the cost of shipping and handling ($7 for me). The limited-time offer is available here through their merch store. The only thing better than autographed merch is cheap autographed merch. I was also pleasantly surprised to immediately get emailed a download link for Phases.

Wild Fire has a modern day, pop-country sound that I’ve been gravitating towards lately. I live for their shoulder-shaking, finger-snapping, guitar-twanging vibe. It’s everything my inner Dolly Parton-loving teen girl is always craving. Wild Fire’s sound is light, fun and their voices just melt into each other beautifully. Also, nothing screams my type of album, like a cheesy hot-pink backdrop cover.

While scrolling through Wild Fire’s YouTube station to find the music videos for this post, I found many videos about why these two became vegan. The only thing better than discovering new-to-me divas is discovering talented and cruelty-free divas.

This PSA is brought to anyone in need of some much needed sister-solidarity, country-pop realness at this time of year when you’re ready to shove candy canes in your ears if you have to listen to “Jingle Bells” one more time. Or for anyone who can appreciate such an unprecedented autographed merch deal. This gift is from me to you…the only thing better than giving away free stuff is giving away free stuff that isn’t mine.

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