Another Nguyen’s Look At How Much You’ve Grown EP

Last year, thanks to Kickstarter, I found Another Nguyen’s campaign to help get her new EP, Look At How Much You’ve Grown, made and I’m glad I could play a small part by backing it. That’s the cool thing about Kickstarter, helping indie artists see their dreams brought to life. In my gay opinion, the 9,000 pound campaign goal was well spent on this retro 90’s dance-inspired EP with personalized lyrics and these accompanying videos.

Welcome to the club with I Dream Of Jeannie dance moves & independent lady lyrics.

Dark throbbing beats with laid bare lyrics to heal a broken heart.

A little pick-you-up mantra to sing in the mirror when feeling down on yourself.

Friendzone fantasies put to music.

Not only was I happy to hear of Another Nguyen’s campaign success and the EP itself, but now I’m eagerly awaiting the campaign perks because I love me some autographed merch. Plus this gives Nguyen an outlet to get more music made if she need her fan base to help support future musical endeavors. If so, count me in!

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