Another Nguyen

I check out Kickstarter at least a couple times a month to see if there’s any new indie artists, who have music that I enjoy, looking to crowdfund a new album or EP. This past weekend I came across the campaign of new-to-me diva, Another Nguyen, who’s trying to get her second EP and new music videos made.

In my gay opinion if you’re going to do a Kickstarter to get an album made, you damn well better have some music in your campaign page to give a sample of your style, but many artists don’t. Another Nguyen’s campaign is well thought out, with a music video for her latest song “My Friend” which drew me in with its dark and meaningful lyrics over a building beat. If this is the direction her music is heading, count me in.

Her talent and quirky humor convinced me to buy her first EP on Bandcamp (my preferred place to buy music) and back her Kickstarter. The EP of five songs has a range of styles. “Hold On” starts the EP with a beautiful piano ballad focusing on Another Nguyen’s strong vocals. My favorite track on the EP is “Favorite Human Being” with it’s pop-rap break down over an old-school cheezy pop sound (ala Alyssa Milano) that I live for. The sway-worthy romantic vibe of “Back To Me” is full of sweet goodness. “HATE Song” and “Hate +” deliver the fun, with poppy-polka beats and vengeful lyrics of hitting a really good looking, douchebag in the face for not noticing you. I love relatable lyrics.

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