Abigail Osborn’s How Do You Know When It Feels Right? EP

This is the third year in a row that I was able to count on a new Abigail Osborn EP. This year’s, How Do You Know When It Feels Right? EP, once again focuses on Abigail’s strong singing and songwriting abilities just like her last two EPs, the addictive Bad Lover Chapter 1 and dynamic Chapter 2.

In my gay opinion, the How Do you Know When It Feels Right? EP contains Abigail’s gift of dreamy vocals over different pop sounds. From ballads (“Feels Right” and “Stop Looking At Me Like That”) to sway-worthy (“In Case Of Emergency”) to full-on pop fun (“Copout” and “Sick”), although the styles are common, Abigail’s sound is always developing and changing.

Abigail never disappoints, keeps me enjoying her music from year to year, and leaves me waiting anxiously for what’s to come next.

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