Abigail Osborn’s Bad Lover: Chapter 1

With summer coming to an end, I’m bummed knowing that winter is coming. Snow and ice storms that make getting warm impossible, that at times, shut down the entire state. It puts the kibosh on fun. In my gay opinion, Abigail Osborn’s new EP Bad Lover: Chapter 1 is perfect for this season, keeping that upbeat vibe going with a groove to move to but with lyrics that are a bit darker and frigid.

“Ruin Your Night” is the ideal cold-hearted pop song with one of the best lyrics ever (“And now I wonder if I’m sociopathic / Or are you just dramatic, can’t tell”) causing Abigail to question her own bad intentions in a relationship. The bumping beats continue on “Gonna Get Over You” with it’s story of an ex’s phone call bringing back uninvited feelings. The dating disasters don’t stop on “Pinball” with a bouncing heart and beat. The EP ends with the dreamy ballad “Spaceship” (and a second duet version with Reagan Beem) full of an emotionally astrological distance.

Bad Lover: Chapter 1 is perfect for rolling down the car windows, turning the music up and just enjoying the open road and the feel of the wind through your hair…even if it is a bit more crisp. On my morning commute I’m watching moms seeing their kids off at the bus stop now donning their fluffy robes over their satin jammies and the dudes walking their dogs in shorts, flip flops and hoodies up over their heads. My fellow New Englanders who aren’t willing to give up on summer just yet, I get it.

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