Beth Nielsen Chapman’s CrazyTown

Welcome to CrazyTown! Don’t know where it is? Take a left at the Dairy Queen…yeah, that’s me on the corner in the cow outfit waving a rainbow flag, and it’s just two towns over from Funky Town! Speaking of which, the only style of music Beth Nielsen Chapman doesn’t cover on her new album is disco, but I’m adding it to my Christmas list.

In my gay opinion, Beth Nielsen Chapman is one of the most talented singer/songwriters out there, her newest album CrazyTown is one of the best albums she’s put out in her long career, and “Put A Woman In Charge” and “Dancin’ With The Past” are two of the greatest songs she’s ever recorded. I love when a diva can bring it and step it up with her newest album and Beth does both each and every time she releases something new.

CrazyTown is like any other town, it has a variety of flavors and you never know what you’ll encounter along your travels. In my old home town we called them Meriden Moments. Santa riding on the back of the firetruck at Christmas, a random unicyclist with an old-timey mustache, or the homeless woman talking on the phone as she pushed her shopping cart down Main St. I was jealous, that bitch had a cell phone before me. Even now, when things get a bit overwhelming, I long for the old neighborhood. If I can’t make the trip, I now have Beth’s CrazyTown to provide that nostalgia and comfort.

CrazyTown starts with “All Around The World” in all it’s Beatlesque 70’s glory and Beth travels through and plays with time both in her sound and lyrics within the rest of the album. “4leafclover” gets a little bluesy, her folksy guitar mastery is all over “The Truth,” “The Universe” shows that Beth can rock it out, and “The Edge” is a perfect example of Beth’s brilliant balladry. CrazyTown might have been built on scary politics and isolation but it’s shining bright with hope and light.

Back in 2019, I had the opportunity to meet and see Beth in concert for the first time. It was at a small intimate venue just outside of Boston. She was everything I hoped she’d be and more. She’s touring once again in support of CrazyTown and she’s coming to one of my favorite venues here in Connecticut next year. If she comes around you, I highly recommend you see her. My ticket is bought and I’m ready for Beth to take me to CrazyTown, although by now, I could be Mayor.

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