Beth Nielsen Chapman’s Heart Of Glass

Whenever one of my divas releases a new album, I hope for a tour to follow even though I know the majority of the set list will be from the new album. Most times the album is good but not good enough for me to forget about the classic songs. However, that is not the case with Beth Nielsen Chapman’s new album Hearts Of Glass. I want to hear every one of these songs live. In my gay opinion, Hearts Of Glass is one of her best albums, if not the best.



I know that Beth is an amazing singer/song writer but she takes her craft to a whole new level on Hearts Of Glass. She sings of domestic violence on the melodic “Rage On Rage”, “Child Again” tells the swaying tale of an old woman in a nursing home haunted by the child-like essence she holds inside, while “Life Holds On” (my favorite song) is about the fight for survival we all share when our live’s are on the line. Equality is a common theme in Beth’s music. On “Dancer To The Drum” it’s “blind and pure to the world we come” not mattering if you’re born to a “life of hunger” or as a “king or a rich man’s son” with it’s guitar beat. Love is also a basis for much of her material. Whether its a wanting for love (“All For The Love”), finding it (“Enough For Me”), rejoicing in it (“If My World Didn’t Have You”) or regretting the loss of it (“Epitaph For Love”); Beth has lived to sing about it. She’s learned from life’s lessons (“Old Church Hymns & Nursery Rhymes”) and makes the most of bad situations (“Come To Mine”) in these up-beat ditties.

Beth is my generations Joni Mitchell. Her music is folksy with hints of country. However, “You’re Still My Valentine” gives a taste of what a Beth Nielsen Chapman Christmas album might sound like but this song is welcome any time of year. Hearts Of Glass is a welcomed addition to my collection and has my heart overflowing with love.


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