MAWD’s Dark Room

I was recently introduced to the singer MAWD and her new video and single “Dark Room”. As you can see, the video itself is so low budget that MAWD couldn’t even afford a six-foot drag queen to run around in a caftan impersonating Bea Arthur or to sample the original Maude theme song. Talk about missed opportunities. Instead they blew their budget on psychedelic special effects and glitter to be sprinkled atop the drums. Who doesn’t love glitter?

I’d never heard of MAWD before, however her audio-altered “oohs” remind me a lot of Marina & The Diamonds. While her look is what Courtney Love and Joan Jett’s daughter would look like once she got clean. In my gay opinion, MAWD has an interesting voice and grass-roots rocking sound that should take her far in the Lynyrd Skynyrd circles.

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