Charley’s Timebombs EP

Charley’s Timebombs EP is a full-on pop assault. Charley’s the most Top 40 friendly singer that I’ve heard in a while that isn’t getting radio play. I assume it’s hard to break into the US radio market, and even more so, for an Australian artist. Charley’s new EP has taken a page from the Pop Diva World Domination Handbook and nailed it.

“Worst Taste In Girls” was my introduction to Charley, with it’s Katy Perry “I Kissed A Girl” fun same-sex vibe, best belting out while driving with the windows down.

“Burnout” could be a song off any Carly Rae Jepsen album except with some girl-on-girl action.

“Heartbreaker” is reminiscent of Marina & The Diamonds.

Is “Running Wild” a ballad, a rock anthem or like a new Pink single…without the trapeze?

Charley’s angst and emotional turmoil on “Timebombs” would do Taylor Swift proud.

Unfortunately, no matter how solid a ballad is, it doesn’t get played on the radio unless you’re Billie Eilish.

In my gay opinion, now that Olivia Newton-John is gone, it’s time for American radio to fill that void with a new Australian pop diva, and Charley would be the perfect fit. She could easily take over the airwaves, one station at a time.

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