Marina’s Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

In my gay opinion, Marina’s new album Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land should be required listening for any female young adult today. It’s something I want my great niece listening to. Marina has made a socially-conscious electro-pop album with a strong female voice. Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land has stayed true to Marina’s original sound but her lyrical style has matured.

Back in 2019 Marina released her Love & Fear album which was half love and half fear songs. She continues that theme on Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land which too is split in two types of songs, songs to make the world a better place and the personal songs to make herself a stronger person.

Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land starts with the sporting event beat of the title track over time traveling new-age lyrics. “Venus Fly Trap” takes the Marina brand to a whole new level on this karma inspired bop. The musical mood lightens but the lyrical ante gets upped on “Man’s World” with Marina undermining the patriarchy. If “We Got The Beat” by The Go-Go’s had a love child with Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” it would be “Purge The Poison.” While “New America” is a social commentary on how the underlying hate in America came to be on this dark pop operatic tune.

The softer and ballad-like songs on Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land are much more self-reflective. The piano simplicity of “Highly Emotional People” nestles in perfectly with this story of hidden emotions while “Pandora’s Box” keeps hope alive. “I Love You But I Love Me More” puts self-love above other’s selfish needs with it’s sing-song vocals but after you’ve lost yourself in someone else, “Flowers” and appreciation might be the only thing to keep you there. “Goodbye” bids the album and the person Marina used to be farewell with no regrets but a heart full of love.

Marina has gone from self-proclaimed “Bubblegum Bitch” to feminist pop diva. Her powerful, smart and thought-provoking lyrics work their way into the subconscious while riding on the coattails of her catchy melodies. Next stop, world domination. I’m ready to live in Marina’s world…one full of love, big hair and neon Spandex.

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