Taylor Alxndr’s Noise & Hologram EPs

Last Juneteenth my favorite indie music downloading service, Bandcamp, donated 100% of their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Bandcamp is making it a yearly tradition by doing the same a day early this Friday June 18th. Last year I discovered queer pop diva Be Steadwell, so I went on the Black Artist Database to try and find a new diva to support this year.

That’s how fierce “DIY musician, drag performer, and bopstar” Taylor Alxndr sashayed their way into my life. Of course when I think “drag performer” my mind instantly goes to Rupaul, yeah I’ve drank the Kool-Aid that Ru has been serving since the early 90’s. Taylor reminds me of early Rupaul when Ru actually sang (not Auto-Tuned within an inch of her best wig’s life) and had something to say besides witty sound bites. Taylor doesn’t need to lip sync for their life, they got the skills to belt it out.

Taylor’s first EP Noise is a small sampling of their twinkling dreamy dance style. “Gritted Teeth” is a bit more of an old-school slow jam but all three songs are club worthy tracks to get your hips swaying as you’re carried away by Taylor’s deep sultry voice. Taylor continues that vibe with their Hologram EP. Hologram is an upbeat sexy six pack that is slathered in synths and pop fun but spiced up with some Salt-N-Pepaesque raps on “Elephant” and “Log Off!”

These EPs will get you to shake the padded shoulders your mama gave you and the lyrics will get you thinking, which is more than I expect from typical dance music. If this music is DIY then professional producers need to watch out because Taylor has come to slay. What’s next for Taylor is a full album, 1993, due out August 15th. I can’t wait.

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