Rupaul’s American

I’ve been a fan of Rupaul’s for a while as I’ve stated in my Top 5 Black Entertainers post and reviews of his Butch Queen and Slay Belles albums. Rupaul is not only a singer, host of Drag Race, and “Super Model Of The World” but he’s also a savvy business man…think the multimedia-mogul talents of Oprah but with the fierceness of an incarcerated Martha Stewart. In my gay opinion, Rupual’s new album American tucks itself firmly amongst his other albums, not his best but not his worst either.

American starts with the title song sashaying in on a dance beat to uplift spirits in this heavy political time. From there the album prances it’s way through many dance styles. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Rupaul album if he didn’t give a nod to Drag Race, “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent” are the well known traits Ru looks for when choosing the next drag superstar. I’m sure this song will make it’s way into an episode or five this season. Ru exudes these traits himself on “Lady Cowboy” where he melds country and dance to create this fun tune. However, Ru’s talent truly shines when his voice isn’t so auto-tuned, the beats slowed down and the lyrics become more complex and positive like on “Hey Doll” and “It Ain’t Over.”

Leave it to Ru to put her smart business senses to use and release American just as season nine of Drag Race begins. That seems to be her M.O. when it comes to releasing a new album, saturate the market. No matter how many drag superstars are named, Rupaul will always be the one who led the way…in glitter covered stilettos. Long reign the Queen!

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