Top 5 Black Entertainers

In honor of Black History Month I thought I would celebrate by posting, in my gay opinion, my list of the Top 5 Black Entertainers:

5: Fefe Dobson – She’s the youngest person on my list at 30 but I think she’s talented beyond her years. Her musical style of R&B and rock is addicting. With 3 albums under her belt and a promise of a fourth, I’m eagerly awaiting any new music she’ll put out. She’s also tops on my list of performers I want to see in concert.

4: Rupaul – Nobody has done more for the drag queen community than Rupaul, with Divine being a close second. Bursting onto the scene in the early 90’s with her song “Supermodel” in all her full blown drag beauty, she was an eye opener to most of America as well as to my closeted self. Now to see her nurturing the drag queens of today on her popular show Drag Race shows just how far we’ve come.

3: Whoopi Goldberg – I think Whoopi is one of the funniest comedians out there today. Her stand up is hysterical and her acting ability is flawless. Ghost and Boys On The Side are two of my all time favorite movies. I will go see any movie she’s in or see her do stand-up anytime she’s in the area. She’s a funny, talented, strong, smart black woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind with an honesty that’s refreshing.

2: Millie Jackson – I haven’t been a fan of Millie’s long but I’ve been hooked from the minute I first heard her. It took a while but I eventually collected every album she ever put out. She has done it all; comedy, soul, R&B, blues, dance, rock, pop, rap, country. She is the full package. Seeing her perform live a few years back was, by far, one of the most amazing concert experiences I’ve ever had. My only regret is not finding out about her incredible talent sooner.

1: Tina Turner – I’m a huge fan of her music as well as who she is as a person. To over come all that she has and to come out on top is inspirational. I think her musical talent really took off after she left Ike. She was good with Ike but she’s amazing solo. She’s been in the music industry for decades and each album she puts out is been better than the one before. Her live shows are legendary. That voice, that hair, those legs…what’s not to love.

So to my black brothers and sisters out there, enjoy your month, even if you did get ripped off with the shortest and coldest one there is. To Fefe, Whoopi and Tina when you read this (as I’m sure you will) don’t be jealous that Rupaul and Millie got to meet me, just have your people call my people and we can do lunch. I’ll even pay…as long as you’re ok with bean burritos at Taco Bell.

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